About Us


1. SANKOFA LUTHERAN CHICAGO (SLC) seeks to serve as the new media voice of the ELCA's REFORMATION AFRICAN AMERICAN LUTHERAN MISSION CHURCH CHICAGO (REGO), Young Barack Obama's community organizing sanctuary, and its resources mobilization arm, the AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER (AACC) at Reformation.


2. SLC is launched to help define the identity, purpose, and direction of REGO's AACC as it emerges out from under the umbrella of the Pulpit Ministry of the historic Black Lutheran  house of worship's pastor, the Rev. Joel Washington (Khunanpu Sangoma).


1. Our basic model is that of the African American Cultural Center/Us of Los Angeles, Executive Directed by Seba (Maatian Moral Teacher) Dr. Maulana Karenga, Ethicist,  Professor & Chair of Africana Studies, CSULB, Creator of Kwanzaa and the Nguzo Saba and Author of INTRODUCTION TO BLACK STUDIES, 4TH EDITION, and ESSAYS ON STRUGGLE: POSITION AND ANALYSIS among numerous other works.

2. Additionally, we are also inspired by and have joined the new Washington D.C. Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of African American History and Culture's LIFT EVERY VOICE program from our very own AACC mission field here in Metro Chicago. 


3. LIFT EVERY VOICE contributes to  celebrating, from diverse locations nationally and globally, the new Smithsonian African American National Museum's (often dubbed in journalistic circles simply as "The Blacksonian's") inaugural year, Fall 2016-January 2018.


1.  We advance the AACC at Reformation because it is arguably the historically correct institution-inside and outside our local congregation-to build, maintain and develop a local vanguard base-community for supporting, promoting, and  preserving African American/African World Culture-of which our historic African American Lutheran house of worship is an integral part. 

2.  Note: The basic assumption of our cultural education offerings is that effective African American/African World and African Descent Lutheran Missiology requires study.

3.  More, that one cannot confuse being a product of African American/African World and/or African Descent Lutheran Missiology and culture (ontology) with knowing about  the same (epistemology).

4.  More still, African American/African World and African Descent Lutheran Missiology and culture, along with Africana culture generally, are great knowledge bearing traditions absolutely requiring ongoing education and study, not just to better understand the African World in its continually unfolding global context, but  to play a key role in progressively changing both.   


Reformation's AACC is sustained by its various categories of membership offered in our on-line store.  Please join us.

 “And everyone has a goal to which (he/she) turns (themselves), so vie with one another in good works.  Wherever you are, Allah (God) will bring you all together.  Surely Allah (God) is Possessor of power over all things” -Al Quran, 002:148-Maulana Ali-