1. First off, we are increasingly seeking grounding in the field of missiology theology in general, African American/African World and Black Lutheran missiology in particular.

2. By missiology we mean groundedness in the theology, theory, and praxis of the field of mission beginning with the classic Great Commission of the ancient Canaan Land born, raised, and coming of ministry age, Jesus the Christ, up to the  creation of the new discipline-during the Post WWII/Post-Colonial period.  

3. Our approach is jamming together the Franciscan sacred church architectural tradition ("Francis, rebuild My Church!") with the Ethiopia Unbound movement, the latter first given systematic expression by the Uppsala University of Sweden activist/missiologist and scholar, Rev. Dr. Bengt Sundkler (1909-1995), inaugural Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese  of Bukoba, Tanganyika (now of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania ).

4. Bishop Sundkler’s path-breaking Ethiopia Unbound studies include: BANTU PROPHETS IN SOUTH AFRICA (1948) and ZULU ZION AND SOME SWAZI ZIONISTS (1976).  His magisterial A HISTORY OF THE CHURCH IN AFRICA (2000) was published posthumously by his co-author Christopher Steed.  

5.  We also seek to cross fertilize our approach by adopting, as a guide to African American/African World Misssiology theory and praxis, the Kawaida Afrocentricity philosophy, advanced by Dr. Maulana Karenga, Professor & Chair of Africana Studies, CSULB, itself a key development within the field of the  academic discipline of Black and/or Africana Studies-which includes the Black religious tradition.  Dr. Karenga’s INTRODUCTION TO BLACK STUDIES-4TH EDITION (2010), is the most widely used introductory text in the field.

6.  This said, we hold Africana Sacred and/or Liturgical Jazz & Gospel public candlelight worship as mission outreach service every Sunday-12 Noon-featuring our A LOVE SUPREME Music, Word, and Sacrament Mission Ministry.

7.  We also do Africana Sacred Jazz & Performing Arts mission outreach- featuring Ms. Oroki Rice’s BLACK OLIVE COMMUNITY THEATER-all initially aided via the start-up support of our mustard seed mission faith community and/or “Little Widow’s Mite” mission congregation in-progress.